Tuntiveloitus200,00 + alv 24 %248,00 €

Our invoicing is based on hourly pricing, that is, the time spent managing the assignment. Our charge is 200,00 € / h + VAT 24% . The hourly bill includes all the steps involved in handling the matter from negotiating to the courtroom and the preparation of documents.

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We want to point out that we always ensure that you are eligible for legal aid prior to receiving your order. If you receive state legal aid, it covers, in part or in full, the expenses you incurred in the legal process. State legal aid is determined by your livelihoods and yours. We are receiving legal aid for you, that is, in practice, if you are eligible for legal aid, you do not have to go to a legal aid office, but we are looking for you to apply for legal aid for you.

Home insurance often includes legal expenses insurance. At the beginning of the assignment, we will investigate the coverage of your legal expenses insurance coverage with your insurance company and the amount of deductible. Our company always applies for an insurance claim for you when there is an option under the terms of the insurance policy.

In many cases, we will charge a prize fee when the order is received. Of course, this does not apply to customers who are entitled to free legal aid or whose legal expenses are covered by the insurance company through home insurance. The prepayment is proportional to the total premium and the amount of the cost of the assignment.