Our Prices

Hourly rate225,00 + alv 24 %279,00 €
Our invoicing is based on an hourly charge for the time spent completing your case. We will charge you a pre-payment of  300.00 for the initial negotiation, where we will look into your legal issue. Our hourly rate is 225.00 €/h + alv 24%.  This includes every step necessary in handling your case, from the initial consultation through to the preparation of documents and representation in the courtroom.

Legal Aid

We will always verify whether or not you are eligible for legal aid before taking on your case. If you are eligible to receive state legal aid, it will cover all or part of the costs you incur during the legal process. Eligibility for state legal aid is dependent upon your income and your case. We will take care of checking your eligibility and applying for legal aid on your behalf; there is no need for you to visit the Legal Aid Office yourself.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Home insurance often includes cover for legal expenses. At your initial consultation, we will check with your insurance company what kind of legal expenses are covered and whether there is an excess to be paid. We will always apply for an insurance claim for you if it is possible under the terms of your insurance.

In many cases, we will charge an upfront fee when we agree to take on your case. The amount of this fee is proportional to the total fee and expenses likely to be incurred in handling your case. A fee will not, of course, be charged to clients who are entitled to free legal aid, or whose legal expenses will be covered by their insurance policy.